European Innovation Academy

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From July 6th till July 24th 2015, the participated to the organization of the European Innovation Academy, the worldwide biggest Accelerator on innovation and entrepreneurship in the High-tech industry. For more than 500 students of top universities worldwide like London Business School, UC Berkeley, University of Tokyo, Norwegian School of Economics, Stanford University and #SKEMA Business School this means 3 weeks of hard work on start-up creation, execution and testing, with the supporting help of top speakers such as:

  • Ken Singer (UC Berkeley Director @ Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, Silicon Valley) #UCBerkeley
  • Vitaly Golomb (Mentor @ 500 Startups, CEO @ Keen, Silicon Valley) #500Startups
  • Andreas Ehn (Co-Founder @ Wrapp/ previously CTO and 1st employee of Spotify) #Spotify
  • Martin Omander (Program Manager @ Google, Silicon Valley) #Google


WeAreStartup with CEO of European Innovation Academy, Anni Sinijärv


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